Actively Guiding our Clients

We guide our clients through the maze of legislation, seeking their testimony and input on legislation that they feel is of utmost importance. On those issues, we become actively involved. On other issues, we closely monitor the situation, keeping our clients informed in the event that the issue develops into something of concern or importance. With our extensive experience, we are able to see the bigger policy picture and advise our clients to derive solutions that work for our clients.

Excellent relationships with both Republicans and Democrats in both legislative chambers, as well as the Governor’s office and key agencies, are essential when seeking support from legislators to advance legislative issues and to relay important information regarding legislation. Nurturing those relationships with legislators continues throughout the calendar year in order to allow for a more pro-active approach to legislation instead of a reactive approach. It is also important to keep these parties informed of issues of importance at the client-level so that they can be more knowledgeable when speaking to the general public and fellow policymakers about key issues for their constituency.

Advocacy Services

  • Provide a seat at the table in key legislative discussions

  • Relay essential information regarding legislation between key players

  • Maintain relationships with legislators throughout the year

  • Build coalitions to ensure a successful outcome for our clients