Under the direction of Tonette Salazar, clients receive legislative information, representation, and participation at the legislative and department levels. Our firm offers an extensive suite of services customized to the needs our clients.

Services provided may include any combination of the following:

  • Screening legislation to identify bills of potential interest

  • Detailed summaries of legislation, interim committees, and meetings

  • Password protected access to our website where extended summaries of complex legislation, links to live audio broadcast of legislative activity, calendars, and bills and a message board for clients are all provided.

  • Live web reports updated daily for each client that are password protected and can be customized to fit the need of any client. These reports can be embedded on a client’s website or available on Salazar & Associates’ website.

  • Attendance at regularly scheduled client meetings for briefings and strategy sessions

  • Active lobbying of specified delegation and other legislative members to seek passage, defeat, or amendment of legislation

  • Coalition building with other lobbyists as appropriate

  • Actively seeking sponsors of client-initiated legislation or amendments

  • Drafting of client-initiated legislation or amendments

  • Attendance and reporting of state department or agency meetings, legislative-related taskforces and legislative interim committee meetings outside the legislative session

Service Areas

Advocacy / Lobbying

Legal / Research

Election / Campaign Management

Information Management