Strategic Policy Advice

Understanding the complex political environment around a given issue can be daunting. Our firm can help navigate you through the difficult waters and provide a clear path to success. Developing a strategy around an issue involving who to bring to the table, how to communicate the issue, and who your champions should be is an area of expertise where our firm stands above the others.

Experience Educating Policymakers

We also have clients that we represent independently, but have sought our firm’s expertise to assist with education of policymakers and constituents and for participation in the political and electoral process. We work on knowledge and information campaigns or policymakers in the executive branch, legislature, agencies and departments.

Coalition Clients

Colorado Capital RallyOur firm prides itself on developing many of our clients from the ground up and spearheading the knowledge and information campaign behind our coalitions. We have helped to create and continue to oversee the work of numerous groups who understood that there is strength in numbers when working on a given issue.

Other Experience with Electoral Issues

We have extensive and varied experience with other electoral issues.

  • Ms. Salazar’s services were donated in-kind by a client to the No on Amendment 31 English Only opposition campaign.

  • Salazar & Associates has coordinated client work with Legislative Council Staff in order to provide the opportunity for input and assistance in formulating and drafting language for the Blue Book.

  • Salazar & Associates has provided statewide campaign messaging, phone banking, volunteer organizing and rapid  response action for national campaigns.

  • Salazar & Associates has provided strategic advice to candidates for United States Congress, the Colorado House of Representatives, the Colorado Senate, and Governor regarding education platforms and position statements, as well as public messaging.

Service Areas

Advocacy / Lobbying

Legal / Research

Election / Campaign Management