The strength of Salazar & Associates lies primarily in our ability to synthesize complex information for our clients and position them to influence issues in a manner collectively agreed upon. We provide our clients with detailed summaries of issues all aimed at providing them with crucial legislative and policy information in the most succinct and readily understandable format.

Working on Behalf of Our Clients

John Hickenlooper Our firm helps clients take advantage of opportunities that arise within the Colorado General Assembly, Executive Branch, and various state departments and agencies. Clients dictate the level of involvement and presence they wish to have, but Salazar & Associates will always be monitoring issues on behalf of our clients. With the most up-to-date and complete information, our clients are in the best position possible to make those decisions when to enter policy conversations.

Our ability to participate as a team player, provide timely information, provide a seat at the table in discussions, and build coalitions ensures a successful outcome for our clients.

Principle Bios

L. Antoinette Salazar

Ms. Salazar formed Salazar & Associates, an independent lobbying and political consulting firm, in 2002. Prior to the creation of the firm, Ms. L. Antoinette Salazar began her legislative legal career as a solo lobbyist and independent contractor in 2000. Download a complete resume.

Service Areas

Advocacy / Lobbying

Legal / Research

Election / Campaign Management

Information Management